The Carr Family

A forgotten lunchbox. An ottoman dance-off. Daddy rocking out on the guitar. And the best kids playlist ever. It was

The Payne Family

We met on a perfect Sunday evening at a park alive with the sounds of a drum circle. Yup, a drum circle. There was also

The Smith Family

You. Guys. This woman just had a baby. I think she should be placed in the “that’s not fair” category

The Risk Family

Not only are they a gorgeous group, (especially that beautiful Mama, am I right!?) but the Risk family are also dearly

The Floros Family

I fell in love with this family the second I saw the shoes Mama put on her kiddos. I mean, does it get ANY better than

The Bray Family

I love meeting new people — but meeting brand new people? The. Best. This sweet little boy came into this world