A few months ago, I hopped in my car at 7am (and still showed up late, because duh) and drove to Charlottesville to

2014 Fall Minisessions

Look what we can do with twenty minutes!! PBJ doesnt do faked images. PBJ does you. The real-live, actually happy you.

The Gardner Family

Photographing a session for another photographer is one of the most nerve-wrackingly wonderful sessions I take on

Lauren, 2015 Senior

We yanked her out of her AP Chemistry class for this session. Shhhh, don’t tell the school. Beauty, brains and

PBJ Picks Stella & Dot Gift Guide & Giveaway

“And this is Stella and Dot’s custom engravable necklace. You can get your wedding date, your kids’

“PBJ PICKS” Thanksgiveaway!

A few weeks ago, I was thinking in the car – as I always do – about how it would be SO FUN to treat my