The Payne Family

We met on a perfect Sunday evening at a park alive with the sounds of a drum circle. Yup, a drum circle. There was also

The Smith Family

You. Guys. This woman just had a baby. I think she should be placed in the “that’s not fair” category

The Risk Family

Not only are they a gorgeous group, (especially that beautiful Mama, am I right!?) but the Risk family are also dearly

The Floros Family

I fell in love with this family the second I saw the shoes Mama put on her kiddos. I mean, does it get ANY better than

The Bray Family

I love meeting new people — but meeting brand new people? The. Best. This sweet little boy came into this world

Abby, 2015 Senior

To my dear Abby, as you prepare to live life on your own, I give you these words from Steve Jobs: “Your time is